Competing in the Future

In the age of automation and artificial intelligence the entrepreneurial landscape broadens.Barriers for entry lower and a new wave of founders enter the arena bringing their own point of view to the ever evolving marketplace.Categories will fill with options for consumers as knowledge becomes the premium store of value and many will compete to solve the same problems with a solution that is some version of 'better'.Then there are the othersThe ones who stand in a different future than the rest of us with a point of view only they can see. The visionaries who want to push a collective group forward and reject any predisposition to the norm.Competing in the future requires the ability to think differently--not just about the problem you solve, but about how you educate, communicate, and transport your point of view on the problem itself.The ones who get this right elevate their collective and shape how their customers think and buy, ultimately creating demand for themself.Those who play the game this way play to win.